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Christian Meditation Podcast

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Jul 15, 2018



Bible verse for meditation:

John 8:33-36



33 They answered him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?”
34 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

35 Now a slave has no permanent place in the...

Jul 8, 2018

Guided Relaxation / Guided Meditation:
Set this moment apart in your mind for preparing to receive God’s word. As you prepare you become aware of all your body. To become aware of your body allows you to become aware of any distractions in your body that prevent you from opening up to connect to God and receiving his...

Jul 1, 2018


Bible verse for meditation:
Matthew 23:25-27
NIV25 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. 26 Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be...

Jun 24, 2018


KJV1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.2 For by it the elders obtained a good report.3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.13 These all died in faith, not...

Jun 17, 2018


12 When your days are fulfilled and you lie down with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring after you, who shall come forth from your body, and I will establish his kingdom. 13 He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. 14 I will be a father to him, and...